Market Sentiments

Measure trader’s consensus towards global trade instruments using our sentiment indicators

Market Sentiments

Oct 08, 2020 12:31


Market sentiment is defined as the net amount of any group of market player’s optimism or pessimism reflected in any asset or market price at a particular time, a kind of collective emotion. View our current trader sentiment and discover the percentage of going long and short, and whether market signals are bullish or bearish.

Trader sentiment can be a useful tool to help traders understand and act on price behaviour. While applying sound technical and fundamental analyses is key, having an additional feel for the market consensus can add depth to a trader’s view.

The Sentiment Index has the ability to indicate the ebbs and flows of sentiment and keep your fingers on the pulse of the market. The Sentiment Index gauges effective speculative interest in currency pairs and currencies, and therefore can be used as a contrarian indicator.

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