Trade the markets with a comprehensive set of knowledge and techniques

Mastery in Cryptocurrency Trading

Oct 12, 2020 06:30


Make yourself familiarize with the world’s newest and exciting asset trading. Study about crypto currency starting from its history to Technical indicators that can be used for trading it as this books covers :

♦ History of cryptocurrency
♦ Kinds of cryptocurrency
♦ Crypto wallets
♦ Crypto taxation
♦ Cryptocurrency trading
♦ Fundamental analysis of crypto currency trading and lots more about crypto!

Cryptic of Fibonacci Trading

Sep 14, 2020 06:30


Gain deep insights and understand the complexity and simplicity of Fibonacci. Learn about the Fibonacci numbers, difference between trading with classic technical analysis tools and Fibonacci tools and the Fibonnaci ratio.

This book covers:
♦ The Fibonacci retracement levels
♦ The Fibonacci Projections
♦ The Fibonacci convergence
♦ Money Management
♦ Entry & Exit scenario and many more!

Learn about forex trading to be successful

Aug 18, 2020 13:06


If you are a beginner and keen understand about Forex trading. It gives you the basic knowledge and learn how to be successful in forex trading. This book covers :

♦ Basic and Common trading knowledge
♦ Fundamental and Technical Analysis.
♦ Fibonacci constants and Elliott waves theory
♦ Trade systems and many essential topics!